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Debian FTPMaster Wiki

This is the Debian FTPMaster Wiki. It's used for storing information useful to the Debian ftpteam.

The ftpmaster team

The members of ftpmaster currently are divided into four groups: FTP Master, FTP Assistants, FTP Wizards and FTP Trainees.

Members of FTP Master are:

The FTP Assistants are:

The FTP Wizards are:

This information (and more like it) is available from Debian's Organizational Structure.

The FTP Master role, unix group debadmin, is responsible for:

The FTP Assistant role, unix group ftpteam, created in 2005, allows the addition of people to the FTP Team without having to hand out full FTP Master rights. It allows

The FTP Wizard role consists of former team members, who are currently too busy to be actively involved in the above groups. But they carry valuable experience and can support us with their knowledge on IRC and mail and occasionally by direct actions on the machines.

The FTP Trainee role, group ftptrainee, was created in 2008 to allow easy training and testing of future team members.

Trainees can look at NEW and do the usual package checks, but they can not actually accept or reject a package. Instead they leave a note, which an Assistant or Master reads and acts on.

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