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libmimic: ROM; obsolete
gnome-desktop: ROM; dead upstream, replaced by gnome-desktop3
w3c-dtd-xhtml: RoQA; superseded by w3c-sgml-lib
libxbase: xbase compatible C++ class library
lockdev: ROM; Obsolete and replaced by flock
ttf-kochi: ROM; dead upstream, replaced by fonts-ipa-font
openvas-manager,openvas-administrator,openvas-client,openvas-scanner,openvas-libraries/experimental: RoQA; unmaintained, outdated, uninstallable, ftbfs
gnome-python-extras: ROM; obsolete, unmaintained
node-css-parse: ROM; included in node-css
Removal requested from Jelmer Vernooij <>
cia-clients/stable: ROM; is down, tools no longer useful
cia-clients 20120903 source, all
dak rm -p -d 781286 -R -C package -m "ROM; is down, tools no longer useful" -s stable cia-clients
Last upload: 2012-09-03 00:00:00+00 with maintainer set to Christoph Berg <>
haskell-glade: RoQA; no rdeps, libglade is deprecated, similar functionality in gtk+
guile-1.8: ROM; replaced by guile-2.0

Last updated: Fri Mar 27 16:44:11 2015