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libmimic: ROM; obsolete
guile-1.8: ROM; replaced by guile-2.0
node-css-parse: ROM; included in node-css
Removal requested from Raphaƫl Hertzog <>
multiplepackages in: squeeze-security
dak rm -D -p -d 782499 -R -C package -m "squeeze-security" multiplepackages in
libhtp: ROM; source package integrated in suricata
hoauth: ROM; Unmaintained, replaced by hoauth2
dpsyco: RoM
xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion: RoP; FTBFS; out-of-date; uninstallable; quite possiblly never worked, little if any utility
geoclue: ROM; unmaintained upstream
insighttoolkit: ROM; Obsoleted by insighttoolkit4
minc: ROM; Superceeded by sources libminc and minc-tools
moodbar: RoQA; orphaned, dead upstream, depends on legacy libs
mysql-5.5: ROM; Superceeded by mysql-5.6 package
firestring: RoQA; orphaned; low popcon; last update 2007
ruby2.1: ROM; obsolete
llvm-toolchain-3.5: ROM; Old version
Removal requested from Moritz Muehlenhoff <>
exaile: RoQA; depends on gstreamer 0.10
dak rm -D -p -d 813255 -R -C package -m "RoQA; depends on gstreamer 0.10" exaile
Removal requested from Alessio Treglia <>
dino: ROM; RC buggy; unmaintained upstream; alternatives available
dak rm -D -p -d 814498 -R -C package -m "ROM; RC buggy; unmaintained upstream; alternatives available" dino
Removal requested from Alessio Treglia <>
azr3-jack: ROM; RC buggy; unmaintained upstream
dak rm -D -p -d 814504 -R -C package -m "ROM; RC buggy; unmaintained upstream" azr3-jack

Last updated: Fri Feb 12 17:44:42 2016