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llvm-toolchain-3.5: ROM; Old version
gccxml: ROM; Cannot build with GCC 5; replaced by castxml
softhsm: ROM; superseded by softhsm2
freeradius-client: new source package/fork
Removal requested from Sebastian Ramacher <>
speaklater: ROM; no longer needed, dead upstream
speaklater 1.3-3 source
python3-speaklater 1.3-3 all
python-speaklater 1.3-3 all
python-speaklater-doc 1.3-3 all
dak rm -D -p -d 825854 -R -C package -m "ROM; no longer needed, dead upstream" speaklater
Last upload: 2016-01-24 16:38:37.333875+00 with maintainer set to Debian Python Modules Team <>

Last updated: Tue May 31 15:44:42 2016