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golang-github-docker-engine-api: ROM; obsolete
vmdebootstrap: ROM; upstream discontinued, obsolete, better options exist
llvm-toolchain-6.0: ROM; Less versions of llvm, the better
uhttpmock: ROM; obsolete
twill: ROM; abandoned upstream
prelink: ROM, dead upstream
gcc-7: old version not used anymore
node-json3: ROM; Dead upstream
octave-odepkg: RoQA; FTBFS, not in buster
lhapdf: RoQA; FTBFS, no progress since May 2018
grib-api: RoM; obsolete upstream, replaced by eccodes
python-xmlbuilder: ROM; No upstream, python 2 only
epigrass: RoQA; Obsolete libs - Qt4 and Python2, dead upstream
pillow: NVIU; duplicated source packages in unstable
python-ipaddr: ROM; Obsolete libs (python2)
python-bibtex: removal triggered by the Python2 removal
pythoncard: RoQA; orphaned; Python 2 only; dead upstream; low popcon
python-krbv: ROM; not needed anymore
libasm4-java: ROM; No longer used, replaced by libasm-java
texlive-omega: NBS; old transitional package not build anymore
Removal requested from Paul Gevers <>
vtk6-doc,vtk6-examples: NBS;not built anymore
vtk6-doc 6.3.0+dfsg2-2 all
vtk6-examples 6.3.0+dfsg2-2 all
dak rm -D -p -d 941664 -R -C package -m "NBS;not built anymore" vtk6-doc vtk6-examples
libgnatcoll-db: ROM; dead upstream
Removal requested from Anthony Fok <>
golang-websocket: ROM; source package renamed to golang-github-gorilla-websocket
golang-websocket 1.4.0-1 source
golang-websocket-dev 1.4.0-1 all
dak rm -D -p -d 943739 -R -C package -m "ROM; source package renamed to golang-github-gorilla-websocket" golang-websocket
Last upload: 2018-12-20 03:34:37.802714+00 with maintainer set to Debian Go Packaging Team <>
fontypython: ROM; No longer active upstream, Python 2 only
monotone: RoQA; dead upstream, unmaintained, RC-buggy
django-compat: RoQA; Python2 removal, RC buggy
Removal requested from Hideki Yamane <>
fontforge-extras: ROM; replaced by other package
fontforge-extras 0.3-4 source
fontforge-extras 1:20190801~dfsg-2 i386, mipsel, amd64, armel, armhf, s390x, arm64, ppc64el, mips64el
dak rm -D -p -d 944470 -R -C package -m "ROM; replaced by other package" fontforge-extras
Last upload: 2013-09-29 00:00:00+00 with maintainer set to Debian Fonts Task Force <>
Removal requested from Stéphane Glondu <>
liblwt-ssl-ocaml-dev: NBS; no longer built
liblwt-ssl-ocaml-dev 2.7.1-7 i386, mipsel, amd64, armel, armhf, s390x, arm64, mips64el
liblwt-ssl-ocaml-dev 2.7.1-7+b1 ppc64el
dak rm -D -p -d 945017 -R -C package -m "NBS; no longer built" liblwt-ssl-ocaml-dev

Last updated: Tue Nov 19 17:44:33 2019