Debian position on software licensed under the PHP License


The PHP license is a copyright license that attempts to go beyond the rights afforded by copyright law - it attempts to control the use of the term PHP. Despite this, it is a non-copyleft free software license. However, it is incompatible with the GNU GPL due to the restrictions of the use of PHP in the name of derived products.

The PHP license must only be used for PHP and PHP add-ons.

Use in packaging

Debian packages include PHP and PHP add-ons but we don't attempt to, nor can we, resolve the impossible quandary that the language of the PHP 3.01 license creates. It is a free software license and we modify the software and correctly designate the source of its origin by calling it PHP or X for PHP. The license requires us to make this statement:

"This product includes PHP software, freely available from", the veracity of which cannot be verified by us, nor can we be held responsible for the maintenance of the link.

The license also makes warranty disclaimers that may be inaccurate in certain circumstances but all these inconsistencies owe to its drafting design.

The above statement must be included in the debian/copyright file