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Date:Mon, 29 Jun 2020 15:51:48 +0530
Architecture:source all
Maintainer:Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers <>
Changed-By:Pirate Praveen <>
gitlab     - git powered software platform to collaborate on code (non-omnibus
gitlab (13.1.0-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * Update minimum version of webpack to 4.30~
  * Drop dependency on ruby-liquid and ruby-influxdb
  * New upstream version 13.1.0
  * Refresh patches
  * Update debian/upstream-file-list for new release
  * Relax dependency on faraday gem
  * Add rack-timeout gem to Gemfile
  * Tighten dependencies (remove ruby-omniauth-ultraauth)
  * Update dependencies on ruby-faraday, ruby-sentry-raven and
  * Switch to using structure.sql from schema.rb for database initialization
975d0e372cd8d25e22a293374e4aed92 3795 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0-1.dsc
26325adc0c160cad7b465f4629c82ad2 60811 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0.orig-elasticsearch-model.tar.gz
bb2d2fab33c50b0cada8a5ab54146e4e 4255484 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0.orig-elasticsearch-rails.tar.gz
16d290ed265b6d0e686ba38043bae007 3755 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0.orig-faraday-middleware-aws-signers-v4.tar.gz
64553d37e759c556dea2e108ed441fe3 149347 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0.orig-snowplow-javascript-tracker.tar.gz
8dad35d63ca8e5253fa93bc1631a608c 93899757 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0.orig.tar.gz
59eb79a4c16c69566eba59c65a9ab5b1 89064 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0-1.debian.tar.xz
c3e85a9c4c1afeb2d860713db2e1f302 85086432 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0-1_all.deb
2ff2affe47669a9b235a6bb3d3d90c34 8609 contrib/net optional gitlab_13.1.0-1_amd64.buildinfo
gitlab_13.1.0-1.dsc (click to toggle)
Format:3.0 (quilt)
Maintainer:Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers <>
Uploaders:C├ędric Boutillier <>, Pirate Praveen <>, Balasankar C <>, Sruthi Chandran <>, Utkarsh Gupta <>
Testsuite-Triggers:gcc, gem2deb-test-runner, golang-any, libc6-dev, phantomjs, ruby-awesome-print, ruby-database-cleaner, ruby-dev, ruby-email-spec, ruby-factory-bot-rails, ruby-fuubar, ruby-json-schema, ruby-pry-byebug, ruby-rails-controller-testing, ruby-rspec, ruby-rspec-rails, ruby-rspec-retry, ruby-selenium-webdriver, ruby-shoulda-matchers, ruby-simplecov, ruby-spring, ruby-sqlite3, ruby-webmock, sudo
Build-Depends:debhelper (>=10~), gem2deb, bc
Package-List:gitlab deb contrib/net optional arch=all
26325adc0c160cad7b465f4629c82ad2 60811 gitlab_13.1.0.orig-elasticsearch-model.tar.gz
bb2d2fab33c50b0cada8a5ab54146e4e 4255484 gitlab_13.1.0.orig-elasticsearch-rails.tar.gz
16d290ed265b6d0e686ba38043bae007 3755 gitlab_13.1.0.orig-faraday-middleware-aws-signers-v4.tar.gz
64553d37e759c556dea2e108ed441fe3 149347 gitlab_13.1.0.orig-snowplow-javascript-tracker.tar.gz
8dad35d63ca8e5253fa93bc1631a608c 93899757 gitlab_13.1.0.orig.tar.gz
59eb79a4c16c69566eba59c65a9ab5b1 89064 gitlab_13.1.0-1.debian.tar.xz
lintian 2.79.0~bpo10+1 check for gitlab_13.1.0-1.dsc (click to toggle)
W: gitlab source: debian-rules-uses-unnecessary-dh-argument dh ... --with=systemd (line 6)
W: gitlab source: uses-deprecated-adttmp debian/tests/spec (line 13)
W: gitlab source: uses-deprecated-adttmp debian/tests/spec (line 5)
W: gitlab source: uses-deprecated-adttmp debian/tests/spec (line 6)
W: gitlab source: uses-deprecated-adttmp debian/tests/spec (line 8)
N: False positive
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing app/assets/javascripts/editor/editor_lite.js
N: unicode data
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing app/assets/javascripts/lib/utils/regexp.js line length is 4905 characters (>512)
N: test data
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing spec/fixtures/not_a_png.png
N: False positive
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing spec/frontend/diffs/mock_data/diff_discussions.js line length is 566 characters (>512)
N: test data
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing spec/frontend/lib/utils/mock_data.js line length is 2173 characters (>512)
N: False positive
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing spec/frontend/monitoring/mock_data.js line length is 774 characters (>512)
N: False positive
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing spec/frontend/vue_mr_widget/mock_data.js line length is 518 characters (>512)
N: source is provided as snowplow-javascript-tracker component
O: gitlab source: source-is-missing vendor/assets/javascripts/snowplow/sp.js line length is 32154 characters (>512)
N: Waiting for upstream change for debconf integration
O: gitlab source: missing-templates-pot
README.source for gitlab_13.1.0-1.dsc (click to toggle)
Git Branches and meanings:

master		:always current development, now 9.x in contrib, using npm
syslibs		:now 9.x in main, needs packages in NEW
master-8	:created to continue working on gitlab 8.x when master moved
 to 9 (since 9.x upload in unstable, this branch is not relevant)
stretch-updates	:now 8.x in main, security updates for stretch

Create master-10 till 10.x is ready for unstable. Security updates should be
in stretch-updates branch or in temporary branches created from it.

Timestamp: 29.06.2020 / 12:02:05 (UTC)